Shenzhen Rongweixin Technology Exhibition 2023 Hong Kong Autumn New Energy Storage System Exhibition

Shenzhen Rongweixin Technology Exhibition 2023 Hong Kong Autumn New Energy Storage System Exhibition

     At the exhibition site, Shenzhen Rongweixin attracted many customers to stop and consult with its high-quality and well-designed civilian energy storage products and professional service attitude. Some customers were also infected by Rongweixin's products during the trial listening experience, and improvised on site, receiving rave reviews.

     At this exhibition, Rongweixin has gained a lot! Not only has it demonstrated the company's innovative strength and diversified product line to the world, but it has also injected new vitality into the company's future development.
     Through in-depth communication and cooperation negotiations with global customers, the company has gained a clearer understanding of the development trends and future opportunities of the global audio market, laying the foundation for future business expansion and market layout to enter new levels.

     Rongweixin marketing personnel patiently answer questions and doubts for each customer with full enthusiasm and professional introduction

     It is worth mentioning that Hong Kong is one of the centers connecting the economy and culture of the East and the West, and also the birthplace of the RWX brand.
     As early as 2003, Shenzhen Rongweixin began participating in the Hong Kong Electronic Exhibition and received recognition from its original Hong Kong users upon its debut, greatly praising Rongweixin's products. During the same period, RWX launched its own brand and began exporting to various parts of the world, receiving widespread praise and recognition worldwide.
     After more than 20 years of steady development, Rongweixin has developed into an internationally renowned energy storage product enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, system design, and construction services. Its products include professional energy storage products, household energy storage systems, household energy storage systems, energy storage cabinets, energy storage containers, specialized batteries for truck parking air conditioners, electric sofa battery packs, power generation side energy storage solutions, transmission side energy storage solutions, and user side energy storage solutions We can provide one-stop procurement services for domestic and international customers in various fields such as energy storage systems and outdoor mobile power supplies.

     Although the four-day exhibition has come to an end, the brand innovation path of Rongweixin Energy Storage will never stop. Thank you to all customers for their support and love of Rongweixin. Let's continue to look forward to the next industry event once again!


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